domingo, 15 de noviembre de 2015

MODELO: CHARLES DERA (PlayGirl & Miscelanea / 2004-2005)

• • • • • V I D E O • • • • •


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  1. Wow, masculine as f*ck.
    Playgirl always has them manliest studs! :)

  2. He is very hot man, he has a nice body and beautiful dick

  3. SEXY!!! FUCKING DAMNED SEXY! masculine guy i love his vintage men posts His little, stretched hole would be great to see, with a lot of cum dropping out of his ass,
    please add in your bloglist

    1. Eduardo...

      Ok, honestly, I love your blog, so you and I added to the list of recommended blogs ... And by the way, I thank you that I've put on your list too ...

      Greetings and a big hug!


  4. puta la madre ! Me encantan los sementales de playgirl músculos y sexy pene tuyo me encanta Me encantan los sementales de playgirl por favor webmaster poner más vídeos de machos playgril muy muy cochondo puta la madre!!!

  5. La foto del rostro con el collar de puyas, un rostro perfecto y varonil. la mejor que hasta ahora halla visto. aparte su cuerpo muy perfecto.

  6. Charles Dera should be Man of the Decade! He is just so exciting to look at, chiseled face, handsome with a beautiful physique! A charmer for,sure and one who really has made a name for himself as a male model and actor. Now he is with the Men of the Strip he is in a sense iconic.